How You Can Become a Successful, In-Demand, High-Earning artist.
 Yes, it’s possible for you to go from starving artist to earning substantial money in your own art business…

Picture this…

Two artists from the same town each have a dream of selling a lot of their art. Both are equally talented, with many beautiful paintings to their names. 

But despite these similarities, their lives are radically different…   

One of them is very successful. She has collectors beating a path to her door. She has a long list of passionate clients who buy multiple paintings from her every year.   

Her paintings adorn the walls of galleries locally and nationally. And demand for her paintings grows week by week.

She has become a well-known brand in the world of art, invited as a featured artist to events and shows around the country. And her name is on the lips (and her work on the walls) of prominent collectors.

Museum professionals and critics are acclaiming her work and acquiring her paintings for collections. And her books and training videos are in high demand among her fellow artists, who consider her an icon.

As a result, this artist makes a very desirable living.

  • In fact, her bank account is bigger than she ever thought was possible. 
  • Her art business is booming
  • She and her family enjoy all the trappings a successful art business can offer.
  • They have a beautiful home in a very affluent part of town.
  • She has a beautiful “dream” art studio with big north-light windows. 
  • She drives a nice new car.
  • She takes up to three painting vacations a year around the globe. 
  • She travels to the art shows and events she wants to attend, and in many cases has people paying her way to attend or to judge their shows.

In short, she’s successful ... and wants for nothing.

On the other hand, the other artist lives a very different life.

Art is his passion, but he finds it challenging to make even a half-decent living from his work, as a result, he is working another job to make ends meet and is painting in whatever spare time he can find.

Yet he wants to be a full-time painter. He sells very few paintings each year. Gallery owners seem uninterested in his art. Things just don’t seem to be going well in his career. His work is very strong, yet he is not known, he is not able to sell much, cannot demand high prices, and he is living hand-to-mouth, wondering how to make next month’s rent.

As a result, his income is low … and he’s constantly struggling from one sale to the next. He see’s other artists at events and traveling the world, yet he is unable to afford any travel.

He feels a life of stress and depression because he is not doing what we wants to do, which is supporting himself as an artist.

In fact, things have gotten so bad that he may have to get a second job to keep up, which may mean he has to abandon art altogether. That really bothers him. 

His dream of being a successful, full-time artist has been shattered.

What makes the difference? How could two artists, equally talented, live such vastly different lifestyles?

How does the first artist have gallery owners enthusiastically promoting her work in their galleries … while the other artist can’t get his foot in the door? 

How does the first artist sell so much of her work and earn so much, while the other one scrapes by, barely earning a living?

How does the first artist get invited to several events a year with her expenses paid? While the other artist isn’t even on their radar?

Both artists paint well. Yet one is a success, and the other is not a financial success.

The REAL difference between success and failure

The answer to those questions is simple: One artist has discovered the power of effective marketing and mastered how to do it one her own. 

She didn’t have any advantages and she started out in exactly the same position... broke. 

But, the first artist learned how to successfully promote herself and her business in an appropriate and ethical way that created a thirst and desire for her work. She found the right people to approach in the right way, and her business took off like a rocket. 

The other, struggling artist did not.   

The struggling artist merely hopes and dreams that his art will sell itself. 

The successful artist knows that mere hoping doesn’t work — you need a plan of action that’s been tested and proven, and you need to execute that plan in an effective way to generate the desired results.

The Ugly Truth: 
It doesn’t matter how good your art may be — you could be the next Sargent or Picasso — if no one sees your work or knows you exist, then you’ll never sell much art.

Here is a harsh fact that few artists want to face. Smart, ethical marketing can make someone who is virtually unknown become world-famous, or selling well, in a very short time.

Sadly, the world is littered with brilliant artists who will never be discovered.

The opposite is true too: There are successes that most of us cannot understand. How is it that an artist who produces what we consider garbage is able to sell for millions of dollars?

You may think the successful artists had rich parents, or a great job that allowed them to save lots of money, but most successful artists did not have any special advantages other than understanding the key principles of building their career through effective marketing.

And it’s not about one artist being better than the other. Yes, both are excellent painters. And it’s not about luck … it’s about making your own luck and being shown how to do it.

Marketing Is Not Rooted in Spending a Lot of Money 

Though many think successful marketing is about spending money, lots of successful artists didn’t have money to spend. Yet it is possible to market yourself, build your brand, build your reputation, build awareness of your artwork, and make a great living on your own do-it-yourself marketing with very little money.

Let me say that again in a different way…

You don’t have to have a lot of money to do effective marketing.

Yes, it’s true that having money can help speed things up, help you reach bigger audiences, and make success happen faster. But just because you don’t have lots of money does not mean you have to settle for being unknown for the rest of your life.

We know what you're thinking....
“Yeah, but I don’t know anything about marketing and I hate the idea of taking time away from my art to do marketing.”  

If you’re like most artists, you don’t consider yourself a marketer and you would probably rather not have to do it. Plus, you would rather paint or sculpt or create and don’t want to be spending time on marketing.

We get it.

What if you could have a tool where the marketing is done for you?

Where all you have to do is plug your name and photos into a template, and follow a step-by-step checklist that you could do one day a month, without spending a fortune?

What if after using that tool for a few months or a year, you started to see a vast difference in your art sales?

Sound too good to be true?

Here’s the problem…

We’ve taught marketing to hundreds of artists, yet very few actually take the time to do it. Those who do are making killer money and having successful careers.

But most artists just want to paint.

Finally someone said, “Why don’t you just make this easy for me, tell me what to do and when to do it, and make everything for me?”

Then the light went off. So that’s exactly what we decided to do.

If you, like us, love the prospect of being paid handsomely for creating the kind of art you enjoy…

If you think the idea of earning a LOT of money from your greatest passion is a dream scenario for you…

If you want a career filled with success for years to come…. 

Then yes indeed, the methods that have worked so well for other successful artists can work equally impressively for you.

 Give us one day a month, and we’ll give you
a thriving, highly successful art business.

It’s a bold claim. Yet we know that if you devote just one day a month and implement our monthly checklist of marketing “to do” list, and follow our done-for-you templates, you cannot help but thrive.

We’ll give you ACCESS to the unique methods we’ve used (and still use every day) to help grow artist businesses by leaps and bounds.

You can then attract all the art buyers you could ever need.

We’ll also give you everything you need to make gallery owners seek you out, charitable organizations promote you and your artwork, and ultimately…

We’ll show you how to turn your love of art into a thriving business that can give you a significant income for life.

We’ll reveal the tools and techniques we’ve used to help artists go from broke and barely surviving to earning great money by following our process.

Yes, I know it may seem a little hard to believe. But it’s not. It is completely doable —

In fact, It’s already done for you, thanks to our new breakthrough art marketing program — a virtual art marketing department in a box that gives you everything you need to begin getting clients, reaching gallery owners, selling to consumers, branding yourself, and making a serious income for life…

Artist Linda Richichi:

“Art Marketing in a Box gives me a strategy. Before I was trying everything I learned, but without a plan, it was hit or miss... 

The first day I received it, I used one of the tools in it... Result, three small paintings immediately sold. This paid for the program already.
Introducing: Art Marketing In A Box™: A proven, step-by-step system to help artists become the #1-selling artist in their marketplace
  • Imagine if you could have galleries eagerly pursue you to sell your art in their galleries. 
  • Imagine if you could obtain a list of dozens of wealthy art collectors in your area who are actively looking for new art.

  • Imagine if you could have your art showcased at prestigious charitable events — promoting your work to whole communities of avid art collectors.
  • Imagine if you were invited to and featured at important art shows and events.

And imagine you could…

  • Create instant cash flow surges any time you wanted — each time generating thousands of extra dollars in art sales.
  • Build a list of customers who rave about your art, buying multiple times a year, instead of just getting one-shot purchases.
  • Find dozens of enthusiastic art buyers who are already predisposed to buy from you.
  • Have people of influence within the art world promote your work for FREE.
  • Entice past buyers to purchase from you again … and continue to buy your artwork for years to come.
  • Double the amount of money you make from your current clients by getting them to purchase more paintings, more often.
  • No-cost and low-cost ways to promote your work.
  • Successfully become well known nationally and locally.

And … imagine if you could have most of your marketing campaigns done for you — so you could just pull up the ads, e-mails, postcards, and campaign strategies you need every month to deliver all your sales and income.

And when we say “done for you,” we mean exactly that. DONE! Professionally written by top advertising copywriters and elegantly designed campaigns by top designers. E-mails written and ready to go out. Postcards ready to send. 

Imagine if, quite literally, the only thing you had to do was copy and paste in your own name, studio details, and address, drop in your images, and you could print it and send it all out immediately.

Well, you don’t have to imagine. Because that’s exactly what you get inside Art Marketing In A Box — a complete, ready-to-use marketing department that takes away all the hard work and heavy lifting that business marketing can entail.

NO sleepless nights trying to figure out what to do next ... simply follow our monthly checklist, and implement it in no more than a couple of hours a month.

NO guilt, knowing you should be doing something, but not knowing what to do.

NO spending hours or days writing ads … because you get 47 ad templates you can use right out of the box. 

NO paying for designers to produce artwork for your ads … because every campaign has already been designed for you.

NO hiring expensive advertising copywriters to develop content for your campaigns … it’s already been done for you by top experts. 

NO writing marketing e-mails, because we’ve done it all for you — and you get 27 different e-mails you can use the very first day.

NO need to write difficult-to-create content for your newsletters … because we’ve written each one for you and given you a template to build your brand more effectively.

As easy as paint-by-numbers…

Simply reach inside the box, and every component you need is ready and waiting for you. There’s no guesswork … no wondering what to do or when to do it … because we’ve got it all worked out for you…

Including training on how to use it, and a private site where you can collaborate and share ideas with other artists using this tool in other cities.

A whole YEAR’S worth of art marketing
mapped out, ready for you to use and profit from —
in days or weeks, and over months and years.

In fact, one artist implemented just one thing in the kit the day her box arrived … and immediately sold two paintings.

Well, thanks to our proven, proprietary art marketing system, you can do all of this and much more. 

With developed and tested techniques, this system works like clockwork to attract new buyers, reactivate past buyers, sell more and more often to your current art buyers, and double, re-double … and re-double again your sales and personal income.

Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll find inside your Art Marketing In A Box…

  • 4 types of art buyers: Which ones are the best … which are worst … and how different offers can trigger sales from all four.
  • 5 ways to find the wealthiest art enthusiasts in any town or city. And exactly how to market to them for maximum sales and repeatable income.
  • Double (or even triple) your income by giving a tiny bit of art away for free? Yes! Sounds crazy, but it works like a lucky charm every time.
  • The easiest, fastest, no-cost way to build a highly qualified list of affluent art buyers. And how to turn them from casual art lovers into enthusiastic buyers.
  • The six-word sentence that practically forces charitable organizations to promote your artwork to wealthy buyers. Say this one thing and they’ll practically fall over themselves to promote your work and send art buyers to your studio.
  • How to be the most famous, most trusted artist in your town, or any town. This one thing alone can make you an income for life.
  • 23 different ways to make thousands of extra dollars every year. Here’s our secret list of the most effective ways to sell more art, more often … forever.
  • How to quadruple the number of times an art client buys from you. Clients will actually feel compelled to buy more from you if you give them this one thing. Amazing!
  • How to sell your art nationally, not just locally. Best ways to reach private buyers, galleries, and art collectors across America.
  • Tired of chasing art galleries to promote your artwork? Forget that! Here’s how you can entice scores of gallery owners to come to you and ask to promote your work in their galleries! 
  • How a single e-mail can double your art-buying customer list. All written for you and ready to send out today to create a surge of new sales you never even thought about! This could make you thousands in a matter of mere days!

The second you open the box, everything is ready to go.

We show you what to do and when to do it for maximum results and impact. You get 12 marketing calendars, one for every single month of the year — each one with explicit details on what you need to do that month. Just sit down for a few hours at the start of each month to implement the next month’s plan.

That means there’s no guesswork.

No trying to figure it out.

It’s almost like putting your marketing on autopilot. And it’s ideal for the artist who is wishing someone else would do most of the work for them.

A few simple steps each month, and your marketing is done. No more wondering what you should be doing. 

You just follow the step-by-step checklist for that month, pull out the done-for-you campaigns, e-mails, or whatever it is you need for that month, and spend a few hours out of one day that month to put the actions in place.

As previously mentioned, you don’t need to art direct, write, or produce anything. You merely copy and paste your details onto those beautifully designed marketing materials … and drop them in an e-mail, or at the printer or the post office, and you’re done!

Do that — simply follow the checklist laid out for you in the marketing calendar for that month — put it in action, and watch the results (and the income) roll in once your campaigns begin to get noticed. 

Yes, maybe this sounds too easy to be true. But we designed it that way — for artists to build their business and generate ongoing, consistent income without needing an MBA in marketing and without hiring an advertising agency.

To illustrate how simple, easy, and straightforward this is, let me give you an example of how it works… 

If your December checklist requires you to send out two postcards to a list of potential buyers, you simply take the postcard templates that are all written and designed for you, insert your name and details, drop in an image of one of your paintings, and send it to the printer or print it out and mail it. 

That’s it. The whole process might take you 20-30 minutes. You don’t have to write anything other than any custom information you want to add, because we have provided you monthly ready-written campaigns inside your Art Marketing In A Box. And these aren’t just campaigns we’ve put together on a whim. 

No. These are tried-and-true campaigns, written by professional advertising writers and tested in the marketplace — and they’ve all proven to work incredibly well.

  • E-mail campaigns
  • E-mail newsletters
  • Cash flow surge campaigns
  • Gallery promotion campaigns
  • Postcard campaigns
  • Referral campaigns
  • Advertising campaigns

In addition to all of these campaigns and your 12 detailed marketing calendars, you get a lot more…

One year’s worth of art newsletters…  

An important component of the art marketing system is to keep your name in front of your clients and potential clients. To do that, you also get a whole year’s worth of art marketing newsletters inside Art Marketing In A Box.

But the biggest problem is that most artists’ newsletters are lame and don’t even get noticed or opened. They are not entertaining and not something people will actually look forward to getting. We’ve fixed that for you.

These incredibly valuable communication tools will help you keep your clients and potential clients engaged with you, make them laugh, keep them updated on your artwork … and help establish a powerful relationship.

Just this regular communication alone can have a significant impact on how people in the art community view you. And it can lead to consistent sales of your artwork. That’s why you get a year’s worth of newsletters all written for you, ready to send out to clients, potential clients, gallery owners, and more.

Members-only website… 

Imagine you could talk to and exchange ideas with fellow art marketers across the country. You could ask questions on any area of art and get solid answers on any problems you may have in your art business. You could find out about other unique ideas artists are using to further promote their art business, and fresh ideas that are working as they implement these same programs.

Well, that’s exactly what you get when you become a member of the Art Marketing In A Box community. A password-protected, members-only community of friendly, like-minded people. Plus online resources just for members.

And that’s not all. Because inside the members-only website, you’ll find digital files containing ALL of the ads … newsletters … postcards … e-mails … and marketing calendars so you can grab them, update them, and use them.

That means you can have as many copies as you need of all of these important elements available at the click of a button. Need more ads? They’re in there. More newsletters or e-mails to send out? Again, they’re all in the members-only section of the website. All yours.

And you also get another powerful tool:

The Exclusive Art Marketing In A Box Offer Generator…  

We’re especially proud of this one.

This is an incredible tool for creating new, unique, and powerful offers to send to your clients.

If you’d like to test new offers, different incentives, alternative pricing, or just about anything, feed it all into the Offer Generator, and voila! It creates it all right there on the website for you. Creating just this one tool for yourself would cost thousands of dollars, and more if you added in all the content development by advertising writers. It’s yours FREE as part of your membership in the Art Marketing In A Box program.

In addition to all of the “done for you” marketing materials, you also get a thick 180-page Art Marketing In A Box workbook that explains everything in the program and gives you dozens of different sales strategies to really kickstart the program for results within days.

Now, at this point, after seeing everything you get in this unique new program, you may be thinking: What sort of investment does Art Marketing In A Box involve? Well, when you consider it all…

  • The professionally written and designed advertising campaigns…
  • Two elegantly designed postcards for each month…
  • The marketing calendar that leads you step by step every month…
  • The marketing checklist showing you every step you need to take...
  • The 27 different sales-boosting e-mails…
  • The year’s worth of newsletters, all written for you…
  • Gallery campaigns designed to make galleries invite you…
  • The cash flow surge campaigns to generate cash sales fast
  • The lost-customer reactivation campaigns
  • The ongoing support in the members-only area of the website…
  • The incredible Offer Generator…
  • The scores of client-attraction strategies I’ve personally tested at a cost of thousands of dollars to get them perfect…
  • The two dozen sales strategies for winning more customers and selling more, more often…
  • Access to three one-hour training webinars that walk you through what you need to know to make your marketing sizzle
  • Tools to implement national advertising campaigns if you want to become known nationwide or worldwide
  • Referral campaigns that use your customers to bring you new customers
  • Social media campaigns and how to perform online
  • Plus our guide with resources from our Rolodex of special contacts to help you take your marketing to a higher level
  • And more…

Frankly, if you asked an advertising agency to create this for you, to create all the campaigns, write all the professional advertising copy, to design, layout, and art-direct all the campaigns, to develop the Offer Generator software and all the pieces of this program, it would probably cost you $50,000 or more to have it done for you.

You can see just how incredibly valuable this can be for attracting swarms of new buyers and earning a nice juicy fat income every year in your own art business.

We could, quite conceivably, charge thousands of dollars for Art Marketing In A Box. It would be the bargain of your lifetime. 

In fact, we got the idea for Art Marketing in a Box when we bought a similar done-for-you product for our business. We paid $2,500. But the one you get is bigger and better, and designed just for artists ... and we were driven to keep it affordable for artists. 

But we won’t charge you thousands of dollars to get your hands on it.

You can get Art Marketing In A Box starting at just 


If you’re the kind of person who recognizes the real value of what this offers, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a screaming bargain.

Of course, you have to implement it for it to work for you That really depends on your hunger to earn as much money as possible from your art. And how well you implement it all.

And frankly, if you’re not going to tear the box open the minute you get it and start implementing it to grow your art career, this isn’t for you.

Art Marketing in a Box 
Digital Edition
RETAIL: $899 (save $202)
Billed one-time, no shipping & handling cost.
  • Convenient PDF form for viewing on your PC, tablet or phone
  • Online Access to all files
  • Online Offer Generator 
  • No shipping and handling cost

Art Marketing in a Box 
RETAIL: $1,299 (save $402)
Billed one-time + shipping & handling
  • Complete Notebook with sections and all campaigns and articles in print
  • Delivered in a library box 
  • Online Access to all files
  • Online Offer Generator

Art Marketing in a Box 
RETAIL: $1,999 (save $620)
Billed one-time + shipping & handling
  • Complete Notebook with sections and all campaigns and articles in print
  • Delivered in a library box 
  • Online Access to all files
  • Online Offer Generator
  • The ENTIRE Art Marketing Boot Camp marketing training series by Eric Rhoads (7 DVDs total)
* Shipping & Handling: $15.97 U.S. Domestic / $47.97 Canadian orders / $74.97 International orders

This isn’t for you if you’re not driven to increase your art income.

This isn’t for you if you’re not passionate about helping collectors own your paintings.

This isn’t for you if you don’t want your name to be remembered. 

This isn’t for you if you don’t want galleries to seek you out.

And this isn’t for you if it’s going to take bread off the table and keep you from feeding your family.

But if it’s just a little bit of a stretch, if it helps you get out of your comfort zone and start marketing your artwork, then maybe it is for you.

This is for artists who strive to be the most well-known artist in their town, or even their country.

It’s for artists who want to stop having to look for change in the cracks of the couch. 

It’s for artists who are tired of wearing the badge of “starving artist” and want to transform their lives to become successful.

It’s for artists who don’t want to struggle anymore. Artists who want a great, consistent income.

It’s for artists who want to have the ability to travel and have some extra spending money in their pockets, and plenty of money in their bank accounts.

And it’s for professionals in other industries who want to market their art so they can quit their other jobs and replace their income by pursuing their art full-time. 

If you put Art Marketing In A Box into action as we suggest in the marketing calendars, the sky’s the limit.

Our No-Risk One-Year Success Guarantee  

We are confident that Art Marketing In A Box will be THE single best investment you could make in your art business and future income. So much so that we’re happy to offer you the following guarantee of satisfaction:

Invest in Art Marketing In A Box today. Then, as we have suggested, simply put it into action. Follow the marketing agendas set out for you in the calendars for the next year. Implement the programs. See the results … watch your client list grow … see all the new sales come in … and all the other benefits I’ve mentioned. 

Then, and only then, make your decision. If, as we have suggested and promised, you see your income grow by leaps and bounds, then keep it and enjoy the rewards for many years to come. 

But if it doesn’t work as we have promised, then DON’T keep it. Simply let us know your decision, send the program back, and we will quickly and cheerfully refund every cent of your investment price back to you. 

No hassles. No problems. Your word is good enough. It either works as described, or you get your money back!

That’s how confident we are that Art Marketing In A Box will be the only marketing system you’ll ever need to dramatically increase sales in your own art business. 

Order your own Art Marketing In A Box marketing system now by clicking on the link below — it will be the biggest bargain of your life and the best investment you will ever make in your art business. Remember: We guarantee it.

PS: Ask yourself this: Do you want to be the artist who is flush with cash and flush with success, or the artist who continues to struggle and starve?

Ask yourself if you feel you’re doing enough now to become well known and to sell your artwork.

Ask yourself if you have time to figure out marketing, to learn it on your own and implement it so you’ll start seeing income increases within the next few months. Plus, when are you going to find the time to do it on your own at this level and still have time to create your art?

Remember: The whole Art Marketing In A Box program gives you everything you need to create a fantastic income every year. It’s done for you. You simply follow the checklist and implement the campaigns. You can do as much or as little as you’d like, and if you do it, you can’t help but see more income.

PS#2: Most artists are missing opportunities to be known and to sell more artwork than they ever imagined possible because they don’t like or understand marketing, and they don’t want to put in the time.

This product is an answer for those artists who want something as simple as a list of what to do next, and a book of campaigns to choose from, plug their name into, and implement.

If you simply dedicate a few hours a couple of times a month to implementing these campaigns, Art Marketing In A Box will transform your life and your income.

Order Art Marketing In A Box right now. Don’t kick yourself for not taking action. Don’t put up with art stored in your garage rather than on the walls of collectors. Don’t continue the struggle. Take action for yourself and your family.

Though we guarantee your satisfaction on the program or your money back upon return within 1 year of purchase, we do not guarantee any specific amount of income generated from this program. Your income will be dependent on implementing the program, the marketability and quality of your artwork, the size of the mail and e-mail list you develop, your execution of the program, and on your giving it ample time to work. Examples given are based on previous results with specific clients. Actual results may vary.

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