Are you ready to become a successful,
in-demandhigh-earning artist?
It doesn’t matter how good your art may be - you could be the next Sargent - if no one sees your work or knows you exist, then you’ll never sell much art, right?

My name is Eric Rhoads. And I consider it my life’s work to change the lives of artists by showing them proven methods to sell their work.

I’ve spent my life in business and marketing. I’ve launched hundreds of products and companies, and I’ve worked for some of the top radio stations in the world. I’ve worked with hundreds of people and companies on marketing, including one of the biggest corporations in the world. I’ve founded many magazines, websites, newsletters, and other businesses. And I’ve been written up by Entrepreneur magazine, Inc. magazine, Parade magazine, and more. I’ve been in the Wall Street Journal and featured by over 400 newspapers, and been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and other networks. I’ve even crashed and burned in marketing, and learned important life lessons as a result.

I'm giving you over 200 pages of information and tools
as your guide to eliminating the idea of starving artists.
  • 4 types of art buyers: Which ones are the best … which are worst … and how different offers can trigger sales from all four.
  • 5 ways to find the wealthiest art enthusiasts in any town or city. And exactly how to market to them for maximum sales and repeatable income.
  • Double (or even triple) your income by giving your art away for free? Yes! Sounds crazy, but it works like a lucky charm every time.
  • The easiest, fastest, no-cost way to build a highly qualified list of affluent art buyers. And how to turn them from casual art lovers into enthusiastic buyers.
Watch This free one-hour video that tells you everything you need to know about how to create a step -by-step marketing calendar, and how to use each part of it yourself.
  • The six-word sentence that practically forces charitable organizations to promote your artwork to wealthy buyers. Say this one thing and they’ll practically fall over themselves to promote your work and send art buyers to your studio.
  • How to be the most famous, most trusted artist in your town, or any town. This one thing alone can make you an income for life.
  • 23 different ways to make thousands of extra dollars every year. Here’s my secret list of the most effective ways to sell more art, more often … forever.
  • How to quadruple the number of times an art client buys from you. Clients will actually feel compelled to buy more from you if you give them this one thing. Amazing!
  • How to sell your art nationally, not just locally. Best ways to reach private buyers, galleries, and art collectors across America.
  • Tired of chasing art galleries to promote your artwork? Forget that! Here’s how you can entice scores of gallery owners to come to you and ask to promote your work in their galleries! 
  • How a single e-mail can double your art-buyers’ customer list. All written for you and ready to send out today to create a surge of new sales you never even thought about! This could make you thousands in a matter of mere days!
A whole YEAR’S worth of marketing mapped out, ready for you to use and profit from.

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